God has a time table for humanity and it's found in the prophetic books of the Bible. Ezekiel saw a war between Israel and the surrounding nations as they try to take a spoil from this tiny nation.  Daniel's interpretation of the king of Babylon's dream depicted a horrible image which show the progression of the Gentile rule.  From Babylon to the Medes and Persians, to the Grecian's and then to the Roman Empire which is shown standing on legs of iron, but the ten toes were a mixture of iron and clay showing the world that they were unstable and unable to hold any strength.  Shown to the world in the ten toes were ten kings, three of which were uprooted by a smaller on and took control of the world.  The one that would control the world would have a name called the Anti-christ who would gain total world dominance and would require humanity to worship his image or take his mark to buy, sell or trade.  Total compliance would be  his demand and we find that we are just being prepared for such a person as we are demanded to comply today by the wearing of masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer...the compliance presently is that all social gatherings are mandated to wear masks outside the church, inside the church, worship leaders must wear masks as well as the Preacher, dropping the number of persons in a church from 100 down to 50...the next compliance will be for NO services allowed...just another preparation for the Anti-christ to come on the scene.  People be sure your hearts ready for the coming of the Lord so you will escape the Tribulation headed for the planet. Ask Christ for forgiveness of your sins, invite Him into your life TODAY!