Here we are once again going full steam into the new year.  We have faced some strange happenings in our world which has seemingly turned our live upside down. People have been thrown into a panic not knowing which way to turn. As we listen to the news we wonder if we will ever survive another year.  The world is living in such a fear of the unknown that they feel like they are in a ship being battered by and never ending storm.  But the Word of God declares in Ps. 61 that when our hearts are overwhelmed lead us to the Rock that is higher than I...That rock we run to is Jesus Christ for He is our shelter in the times of storm. We need to make that Rock our hiding place as we rest in the shelter of his Arms for no matter what we face in this new year we are assured that our God is in perfect control and we will never let fear dispell our FAITH in God, for we known that all things work together for them who love God and to them who are called according to his purpose.  Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Let the Church say AMEN!!!!