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Time just seems to fly by, especially with all the events happening around us.  The world seems to be headed for that preverbal hole with not escape.  Instead of things getting better they just seem to be getting worse, but this actually should be no surprise to those who are Bible readers and studiers for the Word declares that in the last days there will be many unusual things that will happen.  Wars, rumors of wars, pestilences, famine's, earthquakes, tornado's, disrespect of parents and the list goes on.  But we have the assurance in our hearts that if we remain faithful in keeping our hands to the plow and refuse to look back we are promise that if we Overcome we will be granted and Eternal Kingdom not made with mortal hands. We are reminded that if we are God's people we are to humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked way, He will heal our land, and God knows that our land or country needs to be healed from the Wickedness that prevails.  The good part is that we have read the Last Book of the Bible and know how it all is going to end.  So dear Bro and Sis keep looking up for our Redemption draweth nigh!!!!

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